a few little thoughts

I have an announcement to make.

It’s the weekend.

And that is exciting.

The first week of the new semester is long gone. Before I know it Christmas Vacation will be here. That’s just how it goes . . . a blink of an eye and a season is over. Before I get carried away in the momentum of Fall and homework, I wanted to think about and write down some  things about my new direction in life. Just so that I can take a peek at this post when the weight of the semester is pressing down upon me and remember why I’ve taken this road!

I am leaving the healthcare industry because . . .

. . . my first glimpse of work in the field has been a most sour experience. Unfortunate but true. There’s a solid possibility I will not be accepted into PA school and I am not going to risk working in this level of healthcare the rest of my life. Nor am I willing to keep other aspects of my life on hold for another attempt at admission to then start a 2 year program.

. . . I realized this past year that my passion with science lies in learning and teaching. I don’t want to do “science” as a professional anymore, at least not by doing research or practicing medicine.

. . . it does not involve the kind of creativity I thrive on. I thought that being challenged and thinking critically was a form of creativity that was enough for me, but I’ve discovered that I need to make and see and inspire truly beautiful things, like art and passions and imaginations.

. . . I don’t envision being able to maintain a healthy body, a healthy marriage, healthy friendships, or healthy hobbies while working in emergency medicine, the type which I would be most interested in practicing. Four years of undergrad has made me very, very familiar with my limits, and I know if I continued down this path, I would be faced to choose between my career and the rest of my life. I’m not looking for a career with less stress, just a different kind of stress.

. . . I am enjoying a nearly debt free lifestyle with my husband.

. . . I would like to have the opportunity be a stay at home mom and not feel like it would be impossible for me to re-enter and catch up in my field.

. . . I want to have dinner with my family every single night and never have to drive into work on the fly because I’m on call. This also goes for ballet recitals, soccer games, and music programs.

I am entering the field of education because . . .

. . . I absolutely love school. Or, more specifically, I really, really love learning. I want to be in a position to encourage others to fall as far in love with learning as I did! And this is my biggest motivator for choosing this path.

. . . “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Yes, that is from The Help, and I want every kid to know that. Poor kids, rich kids, happy kids, sad kids, confident kids, shy kids. Every kid needs to know that about themselves, and I’m going to tell them.

. . . I miss being responsible for building a community (read: I wish I could be an RA the rest of my life sometimes), and I know that if I can create living environments  that are based on respect and kindness and fun, then I can create learning environments that achieve the same.

. . . School supplies. Organizing school supplies. Building a reading library. Literary adventures.

. . . I like the idea of  a 3 month season during the year in which a schedule change occurs. Whether it’s filled with family time, professional development, pool time or a combination of all three, a change in habit always inspires me.

. . . I am excited to have vacation time that coincides with that of my wee little babes (that aren’t made yet, of course). There’s nothing wrong with getting excited over gingerbread cookie baking marathons during Christmas vacay and Staycations in Springfield over Easter break.

. . . I think I “fit in” better in this career, and that I will be able to achieve balance between my professional and personal life as a teacher.


no downton?

I came home from work just DYING to watch more of Downton Abbey season 2. Suffice it to say I thought about sitting here angrily when I discovered it would not stream (Hulu…you’ve got some ‘splainin to do!)

However, I decided to take the time to play around with this random application I found on my Mac the other day. Did it come with the computer? Did I install it? I just don’t know.

Anyway, it’s called CollageIt Free, and I think I will toy around with it a bit and then look for additional apps!

On my mind:

I love that burnt-orange-and-olive floral. It’s on this amazing retro bench from one of my favorite restaurants in Nixa, Missouri. I actually sat there and asked Wes how difficult it would be to sneak it out the porch door (for shame!)

I have shopped waaaaay to much lately. I bought an adorable new wrap dress from Red Velvet and as I was leaving the store I noticed that dress in the window. I’m drooling.

I found this gem of a jar in my Granny’s basement when we visited Colorado this summer. I can’t explain how much I love it. I think you can be “in love” with inanimate things to this extent, but I also think they call it a disorder…

Finally, I’m missing my sis. And those ducks we’re just too cute not to snap a picture of!

xoxo Cat

sundays are for . . .

1. Baking. http://www.endlesssimmer.com/2011/08/30/smore-than-you-can-handle/

2. Frantically calling your mom because you just can’t make RICE like she does. Rice–2:1 water to rice kind of rice.

3. Wishing you could freeze time and stay in this particular Sunday forever, and never let the fall semester begin…

4. Finding the perfect bed for the spare bedroom.

5. Sedating the kitty cat with Benadryl in order to give her a “sanitary shave” on her wittle witty wehind (little kittie behind) so she stops having an issue with…long hair…and…poop.

6. Taking a piece of Pinterest love and actually making it happen in my own home.

7. Watching as much Downton Abbey as I possibly can.

8. Finishing up a project here and a project there…

9. Reading under my favorite blanket.

10. Shamelessly perusing blog after blog after blog after blog. The three open in my browser right now:

Secondhand Sundays


Oh So Lovely Vintage

summer reading list: the postcard killers

There is nothing I love more (except for vintage dresses, Girl Scout cookies, Essie nail polish, and estate sales, of course) than a poolside thriller of a novel. So, who better to author book number 2 of my summer reading list than James Patterson? Well, I don’t really know the answer to that question, because I had not previously read anything by James Patterson. But I must say I did enjoy this book, The Postcard Killers, a lot. I started it poolside, but it quickly became one of those sneak-out-and-read-at-work-when-your-boss-isn’t-looking type situations. Definitely fast paced.

So here’s the dish: washed up homicide detective begins obsessively tracking a string of European murders after his own daughter and son-in-law are killed while abroad. Appropriately, said detective is always one step behind, until a clue allows him to preempt the killers in Scandinavia. And the murderous couple is caught. In Chapter Threeish or Fourish.

So what’s the rest of the book about, you ask? Well, that’s the twist. The book is written from another point-of-view: that of the murderers. So during the entire story, you know exactly who is committing the crime, how they’re doing it, and you can kind of figure out why (read: they’re off their rockers). Upon capture, however, it appears that the people we know to be the murderers are not the murderers at all. So whodunnit? That is the question that’s sorted out throughout the rest of the novel.

Oh, and of course, whether or not handsome, forlorn detective finds love or not.

Scandinavian love.

Which, according to my husband, is the best kind (as if he knows). One thing I definitely know is that this was a Jackson well spent (or whoever’s on the $5 bill). Sometimes unexpected splurges are the best!

xoxo cat