a new dress, a new project!

photo c/o The Clothes Horse

Browsing fashion blogs for inspiration and new boutiques to shop at is something I could do all day.  One blog that is absolutely addictive is  The Clothes Horse. The blogger, Rebecca, has fantastic style and I’m constantly blown away by the outfits she comes up with. (Fun Fact: We share the same first name!)

Most of the clothes she blogs about can be found at various online boutiques, such as Modcloth and Family Affairs, and I managed to snag the red dress featured above at Spotted Moth. It came in the mail today, and I’m so in love! I don’t often find clothes that are made well and I seem to have the worst luck sartorially, but today I struck gold with my new red dress.

Before I started sewing, I never looked at the garments I bought. I would never notice if a hem was jagged, or if a hem was actually finished. They were just clothes, and I wore them. It’s something my mother did, however, and I would always hem and haw at her, but now I understand the impulse completely: when you know how the pieces fit together, you can’t help but look for flaws.

When I presented my new dress to my mom, we immediately looked at every seam, hem, and button hole, searching for something wrong…and found nothing!  My mom was actually impressed by the workmanship, and that doesn’t happen often.

photo c/o The Clothes Horse

Seeing this dress pushed me to try my hand at making a dress, one with large fluttery sleeves, a style I’ve just recently realized I tend to wear a lot. The pattern pieces have been cut, the instructions thoroughly read, and even now I’m slip stitching my bodice piece together. It’s my hope to have it finished sometime tomorrow, and I’m bursting at the seams (no pun intended) to share with you my photos and finished piece!

xoxo, bea


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