DIY Blooming Light Fixture

If you liked the light fixture I made for my much needed closet make over, you should make one too! I’ve decided this is a fun spin on the paper lantern trend!

This paper pom pom is a very easy paper craft. On a smaller scale you could make a bouquet of paper flowers that look a lot like dahlias! In fact, I, along with an arsenal of bridesmaids and college friends, made dozens of these to imitate real flowers for my wedding centerpieces.

Speaking of my wedding, it just so happened that I had tons of paper table clothes left over, and it turned out to be the perfect medium for this project. Often, you’ll see this project done with tissue paper, but I wanted something weightier due to it’s proximity to the light. You can find tablecloths like these at hobby lobby–they’re about the weight and texture of a thick paper towel. I used the buffet size.

The first thing you’re going to do is cut the tablecloth into eight square-ish rectangles–mine were 23” x 25”. Then, stack them nicely.

Next, your going to accordion fold the stack. My folds ended up being about an inch and a half wide.

To hold it all together, use a piece of floral wire (a paperclip might even work!) to secure the center.

Now, trim the ends into points. This step is the trickiest. When you’re using tissue paper, your stack is nice and thin, so it’s easy to trim. But this stack of paper was rather unwieldy! I managed to do it by cutting one fold at a time. Make sure to do both ends of the paper!

Now, begin separating the layers. Alternate left and right, top and bottom. Pull the outside layers towards the center, while keeping the central layers towards the middle. Soon its 3D shape will appear! (Tip: once your pom starts taking shape on all sides, you might crush it if you set it down. To be able to continue using two hands, you might enlist the help of a partner!)

Once you have your layers pulled up and out and arranged (for the most part), tie some string to a paperclip.

And hook the paperclip onto the wire.

Now, hang up your light! There was a little knob at the end of my real light fixture that I tied my string to. With the bloom suspended, you can use both of your hands to fluff, tug, and rearrange layers to your liking!

I let my pom hang a considerable distance from the light, because I didn’t want it getting too hot.

I hope this DIY project inspires you to add some beauty to a space!


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