these are a few of my favorite things: bea

The past few days have been  fast and furious, perhaps a bit too much (I’m exhausted, completely so!), but these few things I’m about to show you have helped me tremendously in winding down by reminding me to take a breath and relax a jot or two.

1. Nectar from a Stone by Jane Guill. This is my go-to novel. I’ve read it so many times!

2. Do you recognize that name? You might, if you’re old enough. Mara Wilson was the girl who played Matilda in the 1996 movie of the same name. Yeah! I could hardly believe it, but there it is. Check her out because she is every bit as cool as when she could levitate a box of Cheerio’s  in Matilda.

3. The weather has been absolutely beautiful these few weeks, so I’ve been going outside to sit and feel the sun. I don’t do anything except sit on my stoop and listen to the birds and wind.  It’s the ultimate break-time during the day!

4.  Cuddling with my dog, Gracie, at night. She is such a little space heater! Lately, she’s been falling asleep on my pillow, right above my head, and during the night, her legs (and nails!) become impossibly tangled in my hair. Needless to say, I usually wake up with my whole head teased into a poof!

Stress is stressful, but everything ends perfectly if I can give my dog a kiss or warm up in the sun…

love, bea


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