chicago love 2012 // day one

1.// After driving all night, the sunrise in Joliet, Illinois was so beautiful to watch! 2.// Urban neighborhood right next to the interstate. 3.// Tulips downtown while waiting for breakfast. 4.// Fences and bridges on our way to shop. 5.// Magnificent blue skyscraper. 6.// Walking under a bridge. 7.// Lost in Chinatown. 8.// Amazing mural on 18th street. 9.// This blue door caught my eye on our walk to Knee Deep Vintage.

Our first day in Chicago was spent not according to plan. Wes thought the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo opened at 10am, but it turned out to be 1pm! So we had some time to burn. We decided to walk up 18th street to a store I wanted to visit called Knee Deep Vintage. It was a 3.3 mile walk (one way) that seemed like it would be quick at first but turned out to be quite the blister footed trek! It was so worth it though–I scored a fabulous vintage Chicago tee and saw some beautiful things (liked the Immigration Declaration mural and that bluest of blues front door!) walking through an old neighborhood called Pilsen. We made it back to the McCormick expo center just in time to swap out my flats for some sandals and make it to the “con” as my nerdy husband called it. About 15 minutes in, my phone died, so I didn’t get many snaps. I’m super bummed because there were some great costumes, like Stormtroopers from Star Wars and classic comic-book characters like Catwoman and Spiderman. It was actually a lot of fun! Wes got to meet one of his favorite artists, Steve Bryant, and we bought this comic of his that just got picked by Dark Horse. So we sorta met a celebrity! (I heard that Shia LaBeouf was there . . . incognito).

By the time 3pm rolled around (check in time at the Chicago South Loop Hotel) we were completely knackered. We made it to our hotel room, ordered some Connie’s Pizza  and watched The Princess Diaries 2! Oh–but not before I got completely lost in Chinatown trying to find a Walgreens!

Chicago Love 2012 Part Deux up next: all about my vintage-venutres!

xoxo cat


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