look what i found: vintage suitcases

i just had the most fabulous vintage-venture! one of my favorite things to do when i’m not looking to buy is to just wander around and see how much of one thing i can find. it’s strange how some things just pop out at you. for instance, i’ve been conditioned to notice every single piece of green glassware, since i purchased a lot for my wedding.

another example?

i visited a friends house a couple of weeks ago and noticed this hanging on her wall in a similar frame. we dubbed it “Interview with a Vampire Boy”, and now i’ve seen the same one 4 times in three different stores. in springfield, missouri. it’s kind of creepy.

anyway. during my most recent excursion, i was noticing a plethora of fabulous suitcases!

i have had a slight obsession with owning my own set of vintage samsonite, ever since i was a little girl. my older cousin, Carrie, had this fabulous set bestowed upon her by my granny long ago, and i’ve been captivated with them for as long as i’ve looked up to Carrie.

a few of my faves:

and guess what? i bought that last set! it was a steal for $32 for all three pieces. the husband and i will be embarking on a few trips in the next year (we’re going to Chicago next weekend!) so I decided now was the time to invest!

have you found any must-haves lately? do share!

xoxo cat


3 thoughts on “look what i found: vintage suitcases

  1. I only scored the awesome suitcases (she won’t part with train case though) because my mommie worked at samsonite and gave em to her mother as a gift back in the day… and I hounded gran with hints of how in love with them I was since I was about 7 years old…

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