my thrifting kit


i do a lot of thrifting. over the past year, it has become my #1 pastime. i started discovering local flea markets when i started planning my wedding. now, it’s become an addiction! but i wasn’t always into second-hand. my mom often took my sis and i to thrift stores as wee little kids, and for a long time i thought it was gross to wear someone else’s clothes or use old dishes. of course, this was a time when i thought cooties were a real thing.

but with age comes wisdom, and now i appreciate the world of vintage and heirloom. besides the fact that i absolutely adore certain trends from former decades, i’ve realized how fun it is to bring something into your life that has a history. it’s fun to imagine that my butterfly gold pyrex plate and bowel were parts of an original set given to 1970’s newlyweds, or to wonder who learned how to sew at my vintage singer sewing table.

anyway, like i said, i thrift a lot. a long time ago i decided to put together an official thrifting kit when i had to run home to measure the space for a piece of furniture i wanted to buy. when i got back, the chair was gone . . . and it would have been PERFECT for my apartment . never again will i be caught without a measuring tape!

so, here’s the components of my very own thrifting kit!

1. multiple forms of money. some places are cash only, so bring a twenty!

2. a tape measure. you don’t want to miss out on that ‘perfect’ piece because you weren’t sure if it would fit, and likewise, you don’t want to buy something you think will fit in your space and end up with something unusable.

3. bring inspiration. if you’re shopping for living room decor, bring snaps of stuff you like and stuff you already have!

4. use a camera–often! if you see something you like but aren’t positive it’ll find a place in your home/closet/life, take a pic and mull over the image at home! also, taking photos helps you remember where you saw something. flea markets can be huge, and it’s probably unfeasible to tote around an Eames rocker the entire time you’re in the store. of course, if I came across an Eames I could actually afford, i’d probably just buy it as fast as i could and call it a day!

5. a list! sometimes i go into the grocery store for tuna, bread, and eggs and end up leaving with Doritos, bulk toilet paper, and batteries. wait–we’re talking about flea markets. well, the same sentiment applies. if you are on a budget (money or time wise!) take your list of things you are specifically on the look out for.

6. a notebook is important. sometimes while i’m perusing booths/stores i come up with great ideas for projects, or just want to note an item that i loved that i want to research and learn more about.

7. and, obviously a writing utensil. to write with in your notebook. i am very, very partial to Sharpies.

thrift on, vintage warrior, thrift on!

xoxo cat


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